Becoming a Donor

You Could be Someone’s Cure! 

How the donor selection works: 

  • The Transplant Center searches the Be The Match database looking for a at least a partial match between the donor’s stored genetic information and the recipient
  • Based on the data obtained from your cheek swab, you could be identified as a potential match for the donor.
  • If that is the case, we will call you to either:
    • Obtain your consent to do further testing on your already obtained sample
    • Obtain a blood sample for further testing
  • In either case:
    • We will ascertain that you are still willing to be a donor
    • We will explain all the steps to donate and answer all your questions
    • You will be asked to sign a consent form agreeing to further testing (note: you would not be signing the consent form to donate at this stage)
    • You will also be asked to fill out a health questionnaire form to determine if it is safe for you to donate
  • Based on this further testing, the Transplant Center will determine whether you are the best match for the patient. At that stage, you could be asked to:
    • Donate to the patient
    • Become a backup donor in case the recipient’s family member or a previously identified best match become unsuitable for donation
  • If you are identified as the best match for the donor:

    • We will conduct another information session with you to make sure you understand both donation methods

    • You will be asked to sign a donation consent form 

      • You will also be asked to sign a consent form for a long-term study of donors and to contribute a blood sample for a research study. Both of these are completely optional.

    • Complete another health questionnaire to ensure you are cleared to donate

    • Schedule a physical examination at an approved medical facility

    • We will work with you to schedule these appointments, as well as the donation date, to fit with your personal and work schedule, as well as the patient prep schedule

    • We do ask you to be prompt and flexible. Remember: a patient is waiting to hear whether their genetically matched donor is ready to donate 

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