Who We Are

The Marrow Donor Program at the New York Blood Center serves as a regional arm of the Be the Match® National Donor Program, which has almost 10 million potential donors nationwide. 

  • Our mission is to help patients fight blood cancers and other diseases by connecting them with their genetically matched donor. Our goal is to bring awareness of this health disparity to all industries and diversify the Registry.
  • These members can be matched with patients anywhere in the world.
  • Our center became a part of the national registry in 1989. 
  • Since then we: 
    • Registered 230,000 potential donors
    • Facilitated 1600+ marrow and stem cell donations
    • With 1500+ donors
    • Helping 1500+ recipients
    • Located in 35 countries worldwide

Our center has a special relationship with FDNY

  • They are NYBC’s single largest registry group with over 9000 firefighters registered
  • 222 FDNY donors and 32 FDNY repeat donors
  • Annual recognition ceremony
  • Roll Call of Life plaque
  • Donor/recipient meetings
  • Coverage by local media

We are also developing a special relationship with NYPD

  • 2000+ NYPD officers on the registry
  • 19 NYPD donors

PARTNER with us! 

If you are interested in partnering with us: 

  • Spreading the word about the registry
  • Holding regular member registration drives
  • Ensuring your employees are available to donate
  • Recognizing your organization’s donors at an annual recognition ceremony
  • Promoting your organization’s contribution to our life-saving mission on social media 

Please contact us at 212-570-3040.

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