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Our pioneering investigators are developing new molecular approaches and tools to advance safer transfusions.

Research News

New York Blood Center Awarded $15.6M Grant on Sickle Cell Transfusion Research

The grant – which is the largest Blood Program Project grant awarded by NHLBI in the US – will fund research into the impact of transfusions in patients with sickle cell disease and how to improve transfusion management for those with the disorder.

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Our world-class researchers and investigators are leaders in the field of transfusion medicine.

Research News

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National Cord Blood Program (NCBP)

NCBP is the world’s first and largest public cord blood bank, with cord blood units available for SCD and thalassemia research.

Donor Recruitment Program

PreciseMatch® is NYBC’s program focused on recruiting more multicultural donors to help maintain a diverse inventory of antigen negative blood.

Donor Recruitment Programs

Finding the right match...

Christian, aged 1, suffers from Sickle Cell Disease and requires blood transfusions every three weeks to stay alive. Our PreciseMatch® donor recruitment program focuses on meeting the blood needs of patients in our communities and ensuring they have access to the most precisely matched blood products.

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