BloodHub is New York Blood Center’s (NYBC) online ordering system.

This system offers functionality to allow maximum flexibility in ordering blood products and services:

  • Most widely used system by blood centers in the USA
  • Cloud-based for 24/7/365 access and performance
  • Very reliable tool–easy to learn and order products in a timely manner
  • Saves time and improves efficiency of ordering blood products and services

Functionality similar to OrderTrak is still accessible:

  • Ability to process returns electronically and online–no need for paper forms/approvals
  • Access to blood products, antigen negative products, services and non-blood product ordering
  • Future access to multiple ordering data points for tracking turnaround times and reports

NYBC will offer three types of customer instruction to learn the system:

  1. Hospital User Guide–printed manual with screenshot instructions and online access
  2. Customer Training Webinar–offered weekly during September prior to “go live” and/or by recorded access via our public website
  3. Customer Admin Training–TBD (expected to be offered in Manhattan, Long Island City, and select customer sites)

NYBC staff will be available to offer training assistance and answer questions for hospital blood bank staff.

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