Cell Salvage

What is it?

The collection of the patient’s own blood during and/or after surgery for transfusion back to the patient.  It is also known as perioperative autologous transfusion (PAT).

Why use it?

  • Avoids the transmissible disease risks of allogeneic transfusion.

  • Decreases the risk of transfusion reactions.

  • Is acceptable to Jehovah’s Witnesses.

  • Provides transfusion of “fresh” blood.

  • Allows rapid replacement of blood for hard-to-match patients (rare blood types or multiple alloantibodies).

Why use New York Blood Center?

  • Save time and streamline your operations digitally with the NYBCe fully HIPAA-compliant online ordering tool Clinical Force Community

  • 24-hour availability of cell salvage services.

  • We bring all equipment, supplies, and staffing directly to your hospital and manage all associated quality control, staff training/competency, and maintenance requirements.

  • Our highly experienced and knowledgeable technical staff is solely devoted to performing cell salvage.

  • Our Medical Directors provide 24-hour consultation and guidance to your hospital physicians.

  • Our dedicated support staff provides hospital-specific quarterly reports on cell salvage utilization for quality control, support for reimbursement issues, and compliance with hospital-specific regulations.

  • Our service maintains continuous accreditation by all applicable accreditation bodies, such as the AABB.

  • We offer the latest, evidence-based cell salvage techniques and technology.

PAT Training Video

Want more information?

Call Toll-Free: 800.CELLSAV (235.5728)

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