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Board of Directors

Marc Kramer, Esq., Chairman
Avery August, PhD
Jung Choi, MBA
David Driscoll, MBA
Philip Falivene
John Ferretti
Ariel Fishman, PhD
Owen Garrick, MD, MBA
Christopher D. Hillyer, MD
Peter Lopez
Aaron R. Marcu, Esq.
Theresa Ragozine
Charles R. Reppucci
John Rosenthal, MBA
Mark Schmidtlein
Robert A. Schwartz
Jaime Shamonki, MD
Paul M. Torgerson, Esq.
Stephen D. Wurtzler

Senior Leadership

Christopher D. Hillyer, MD
President and Chief Executive Officer

David Graham
Vice President, NYBC Regional Blood Subsidiaries

Betsy W. Jett
Senior Vice President and Chief Quality and Regulatory Officer

Elizabeth J. McQuail
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Jay Mohr
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial & Business Officer

Robert Purvis
Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff

Bruce Sachais, MD, PhD
Vice President and Chief Medical Officer

Jordana G. Schwartz, Esq.
Senior Vice President and General Counsel